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To provide small businesses with brand identities, design tools, and business consulting that helps them make sales and connections, compete with larger businesses in the marketplace, and be proud and secure in their company, brand, and purpose.


To create an authentic and meaningful community of brands that inspires humans to live big, take risks, and find joy in the adventure.



Behind every company, there are human beings. I believe in getting to know the real and human side of your company in order to deeply understand the purpose, values, and vision that are guiding you and that will inform your company's story and branding.


Authenticity also means being honest and transparent with every client who chooses me. This means no hidden fees or agendas, and that I will put doing the right thing over the easy thing. I ask the same from you - meaning I want you to be clear with me when things aren't working for you, and bringing your genuine, honest, and ethical self to the table throughout the process.


I believe in long-lasting, trusting relationships that stand the test of time. Yes, I'm talking about you and your customers, but I'm also talking about you and your branding studio
(hey, that's me!)


I choose the companies I work with based on mutual trust, and our ability to grow together long-term. I know that branding is not done when the logo is finished - managing design and strategy is crucial throughout the entirety of the company's lifecycle. Whether you need a brand manager, a refresh in a few years, or someone to implement daily - I want to be your brand's guiding light for years to come.


Every system and process in place at Human Nature Studios is based on delivering value to your brand that extends beyond the month, year, or decade. I don't do quick fixes or bargain-bin work that will need to be fixed in two years. I run my business with attention and intention, and choose to work with clients who understand the value of prioritizing quality over price for long-term sustainable growth.


  • Why is branding important?
    Your brand identity is your brand's first impression. Since over 80% of long-term memory retention is visual, your customers are creating their memories, thoughts, judgements, and decisions about your company based on its visual representation. When you invest in your brand identity, you are investing in your company's long-term legacy and success. Plus, you're saving money later down the line on lost sales, poor customer experiences, an unprofessional reputation, and a last-minute scramble to rebrand. Do it right from the start - you will thank yourself later.
  • What is your pricing based on?
    Pricing for brand identity projects is based on: ​ 1. The long-term value my brand identity work brings to your small business. I am creating the face (and first impression) of your company for life! This has huge implications for future revenue and reputation, so I want to be sure that I am compensated fairly for the strategy and precision required. ​ 2. Full copyright transfer of the design to you after completion of the project. This means you can do whatever you want with the files once we are done and I won't get any further compensation for the design. ​ 3. The research, strategy, and time it takes to create a brand identity that is flexible in every anticipated application, unique to your company and values, and timeless in style (so you don't have to do a rebrand at any point in your company's life).
  • Why should I choose HNS over a larger branding agency?
    Pricing - you might not have the budget required to pay tens of thousands of dollars to branding agencies. Attention & Connection - Working with Human Nature Studios will give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with an expert designer who has the ability to get to know you and your brand on a deep level. You won’t be working with a large team of designers who have varying priorities, a huge roster of clients, and little to no interest in you or your company. Human Nature Studios is run with intention and attention, and bases its business model around having a smaller client base and the ability to pay deep attention to each.
  • Why should I choose HNS over a freelancer from Fiverr or Upwork?
    You Get What You Pay For - These type of sites can be tempting to use since they’re low budget and quick turnaround, but in truth, they are the "fast fashion" of the design world. Much of the work created through these sites is stolen, bargain-bin work that lacks strategy, research, dedication, and experience. Human Nature Studios strives to be the top-notch and well-worn sweater that lasts you decades. Communication - Many of the freelancers on Fiverr and design crowdsourcing sites are located outside of the U.S. and the large majority are not native English speakers. This can cause delays due to time zone differences, and language-barriers in understanding the project scope as well as your preferences and feedback. Legitimacy - Unfortunately, not every seller on these sites are legitimate, and many will buy your attention with fake reviews and portfolio pieces, or an over-exaggeration of their experience and quality.
  • Why should I spend money when I can DIY?
    Investing in branding can feel expensive when you're first starting out. It is SO easy to want to cut corners with "just a logo" or by using a DIY method (looking at you, Canva!) Here are a few reasons to think twice: Reputation - If you’re not an experienced designer yourself, creating DIY-branding will cause your company to look unprofessional and mismanaged. Branding is your company's first impression and first impressions are key in attracting an audience of people who truly believe in your mission, vision, and values. Standards are high in today's design and content-focused world, and we make sure you're exceeding it every time. Uniqueness - Differentiation is the purpose of branding, and creating a logo on Canva or with stock art means you will likely have the same logo as other companies in your industry. Canva and "stock" logos are overused, and lack the uniqueness and strategy necessary to create powerful branding. Ownership - When creating a logo on Canva, you have no legal rights to it and the design cannot be trademarked (it is owned by Canva). If you plan on growing and investing in the success of your company, you need a unique mark that you can own for the entire life of your brand. Incorrect Formats - Your logo needs to be in vector format, not image format only. This will allow it to be versatile, scalable, and editable for use in various applications.
  • Do you offer "Just A Logo" Packages?
    I believe that creating memorable brands requires more than just a logo. It requires an entire visual suite that is based on research, strategy, time, effort, and energy to get it right. That's why I don't offer "Just A Logo" packages and why every project has a 30 to 90-day turnaround from signed contract to delivery.
  • How much do your services cost?
    I tailor my pricing to the specific needs of each individual client. Please reach out to set up a time to chat and I can give you a custom quote and proposal. Please note - brand strategy and visual identity packages start at $1950. I choose to work with clients who aren't interested in cheap work and who understand that branding and design is an investment in long-term sustainable growth for their company!
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