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To provide clients with brand identity solutions that help them step out of the DIY phase and into the next chapter of business growth. To use stunning visuals to help business owners make sales and connections, and to be proud and secure in their company, brand, and purpose.


To be a positive influence on the identities of lifestyle brands across the U.S., and to create authentic and meaningful connections with small business owners.



Behind every brand, there are human beings. We believe in getting to know the real and human side of your company in order to deeply understand the purpose, values, and vision that are guiding you and that will inform your company's story and branding.


Authenticity also means being honest and transparent with every client who chooses us. This means no hidden fees or agendas, and that we will put doing the right thing over the easy thing. We ask the same from you - meaning we want you to be clear with us when things aren't working for you, and bringing your genuine, honest, and ethical self to the table throughout the process.


It's not how many people buy from you, it's about your relationship with those who come back. We believe in long-lasting, trusting relationships that stand the test of time. Yes, we're talking about you and your customers, but we are also talking about you and your branding studio
(hey that's us!)


We choose the companies we work with based on mutual trust, and our ability to grow together long-term. We know that branding is not done when the logo is finished - managing design and strategy is crucial throughout the entirety of the company's lifecycle. Whether you need a brand manager, a refresh in a few years, or someone to implement daily - we want to be your brand's guiding light for years to come.


Every system and process in place at Human Nature Studios is based on delivering value to your brand that extends beyond the month, year, or decade. We don't do quick fixes or bargain-bin work that will need to be fixed in two years. We run our business with attention and intention, and choose to work with clients who understand the value of prioritizing quality over price for long-term sustainable growth.

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