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Digital + Print Marketing Collateral | Ongoing Design Support

Exela Technologies is a global leader in B2B process automation. They help businesses automate their processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Their solutions are used by a wide range of customers, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and healthcare organizations. I worked for Exela Technologies full-time from September 2019 to July 2020.

PowerPoint Template Design

My biggest project during my time at Exela was to use their new brand identity to create a Pitch Deck and PowerPoint presentation template that was powerful, imagery-focused, and on-brand. The template was then reformatted in 10+ industry-specific versions (Life Sciences Template shown below) that were used as sales and marketing materials for client-facing presentations.


Digital Advertisements + Website Assets

The below display advertisements were the assets I created for an A-B test on a creative campaign for Exela's Real-Time Payments platform. I came up with the concept for the campaign, as well as the copy and design for each advertisement.

The target audience for these ads were executives in banking and financial services companies in California (majority male). I asked myself, "what would these executives rather be doing than dealing with transaction work flows and waiting for payments to clear?" Then I thought - eating good food, surfing, and golfing. I came up with four lighthearted and memorable taglines that were money and payment-specific. The digital advertisements below were the successful outcome.

Life-is-bestArtboard 1 copy.png

The below display advertisements were the assets I created for three different campaigns promoting Exela's intelligent lockers, digital mailroom services, and print and mail services. I wrote the copy and designed the layout for all of the advertisements below.

I wanted each advertisement to be eye-catching (via copy, colors, and imagery), to simply explain the technology we were offering, and to have a clear and straightforward call to action (offer, digitize, cut, optimize).

Life-is-bestArtboard 1.png

Landing Page + Web Page Design


I created several landing pages for the website using Leadpages. These pages were the landing URLs for several display ad and social media campaigns.

Each page successfully conformed to brand standards and utilized successful conversion tactics (photos of product in action, clear and compelling copy, social proof, free offerings for email capture, etc).

Case Study.png

Print + Layout Design

I created templates in both Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word for print and digital sales materials including case studies and white papers.

It was necessary that these templates be able to be easily completed by sales, marketing, and other departments.

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