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Product Design + Branding  |  Photography

I worked with Ryan and Erica at Flow State Media to create two separate products for their Layne Paper line, The National Parks Calendar and The 90-Day Mindful Box.


Digital Illustration + Printed Product Design

The National Parks Calendar is a daily calendar with a new park every month and a new photo each day. It's completely reusable each year (in honor of sustainability and Mother Nature), and has a lined note card on the back for journaling. As a part of my company Human Nature Designs' National Parks Collection, this product came to life as the perfect gift for national parks fanatics and nature lovers. While Ryan and Erica sourced photos for the cards, I designed the exterior of the box and the card templates, as well as did the majority of marketing photography and sales.

After working together on the National Parks Calendar, Ryan and Erica reached out to me to design their second product - The 90-Day Mindful Box.

The Mindful box is a box of daily prompts to help you quiet your mind, see the good, and develop a life-changing practice of mindfulness in just 90 days. They came up with the concept and copy, and I designed the exterior of the box and the card templates.


For this design, I was inspired by the Japanese practice of enso. In Japanese Zen culture, drawing the enso is a disciplined practice of hand-drawing a circle in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. I wanted to draw a parallel between that mindfulness practice and the mindfulness practices offered in this box.

The colors and fonts I chose are psychologically calming, which helps to make the product more effective.

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