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Brand Strategy + Visual Identity | Digital + Print Marketing Collateral

Avalie provides courtroom technology support for on-demand access to trial documents, videos, and graphics. Avalie also manages the trial presentation database, prepares on-the-spot documents and videos, and manages all technology aspects of virtual trials. Avalie Trial Technologies is a Tyson & Mendes Company, and the team brought another project to Human Nature Studios after this project, Schaefer City Technologies.

Brand Strategy + Visual Identity

Avalie is of Persian and German origin and means "the one who has strength." It represents how the company's services make their clients stronger in the courtroom. I wanted to create symbolism within this logo that reinforced the meaning behind the name, and I did this in three ways:

1. The "AV" monogram logomark symbolizes the "AVALIE" name

2. The "AV" mark is also a nod to the Audio/Visual aspects of the company's core services

3. The "V" in the logo is also a checkmark - symbolic of reliability and trustworthiness.


Web + Digital Design

I created a rudimentary web homepage design to give the team an idea of how their new brand identity would translate into the digital space. It is clean and professional, follows the brand's new design style guide, and offers clients a place to go to deeply understand the brand's mission, services, and processes.


Event Signage + Print Design

Since the Avalie team travels to many conferences and networking events to share their technology with legal teams, I created a full event booth design as well as a business card template. The background serves as a clean and intelligible brand identifier, while the logomark and color gradients in the exhibition stands serve to catch the eye of passersby.


Everyone gets 1,000+ business cards at conferences. Most are white with black text, featuring a small logo and some sort of glossy finish. I wanted to create a business card for Avalie that would stand out. The card's matte finish, interesting texture, and dark background with bright pops of color did just that! They are simple, easy to read, and evocative of the design used for the trade show booth, which furthers brand recognition and memorability.

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