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Brand Strategy + Visual Identity | Digital + Print Marketing Collateral

The Impact Team is a service-based education company that provides leadership development, systems implementation, coaching, and support for school and district leaders across the United States. The founders tasked Human Nature Studios with developing their brand strategy and using that framework to develop a powerful brand identity that would attract clients and help them further their mission.

Brand Strategy + Visual Identity

The Impact Team founders and I distilled their brand story and vision into meaningful mission, vision, and values statements. From those definitions, we decided the branding needed to incorporate a symbol of "movement" to represent forward growth, the Impact Team's core mission in their leadership development work.


The water ripple symbol I came up with not only represents the "movement" of growth and development, but it also conveys the increasingly larger impact their work will continually have as their leadership skills get passed on through the leaders they develop and the systems they implement.


The color palette I chose allows the brand to maintain a clean and professional look while also giving it a bright and positive association. According to color psychology, the two main colors - Sapphire Blue and Cerulean - represent trust and stability, while crimson is associated with control, responsibility, and thoughtfulness. I suggested the following color palette wheel as a guideline for how often to use each color in branded graphics, collateral, and on the website.


Digital + Print Marketing Materials

I created a branded PowerPoint Template which implemented their brand colors and iconography in a professional and impactful layout. This marketing piece made their leadership presentations stand out while also being simple to follow and easily digestible.


Due to their heavy use of email for communications, the founders knew that having branded email signatures was an important aspect of gaining brand identification and maintaining cohesiveness. I created the following signature for both founders, which helped them maintain a professional identity in online communications.

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