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Digital + Print Marketing Collateral  |  Ongoing Design Support

Founded in 2015, Kuju was the first U.S. company to manufacture and bring pocket pour over coffee to the outdoor/lifestyle market. Because of this, Kuju has always led the way in portable coffee innovation. The design work I did and the creative consulting I offered was the foundation for several important campaigns as they expanded into retailers including REI, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop, and Whole Foods.

When I met Kuju's co-founder, he was in need of some generic graphic design and marketing assistance. I acted as the go-to designer for several key campaigns including the Kuju x REI Coffee Tour. I created email designs, event signage, branded packaging, REI in-store signage, and content for several email newsletters surrounding various marketing campaigns.

Email Design + Layout

For email design, we focused on creating simple and actionable designs. The templates below stayed consistent with the brand guidelines (in regards to use of color, typography, and imagery), while also being easily replicable for multiple campaigns.


Display Advertisement + Web Asset Design

I created several display advertisements that also duplicated as website assets for Kuju's National Park Week Sale. Each advertisement had nature-focused imagery, displayed the product well, and had clear call to action buttons that easily converted customers.


REI X Kuju Coffee Tour - Social Media + Print Signage

The REI x Kuju Coffee tour was a campaign launched by the company in the summer of 2021. Kuju did free coffee pop ups at various REI stores in California along with a meet-and-greet with travel influencers from The Lovers Passport. The designs below were simple, branded assets to help market the campaign and draw attention to the pop up booths at REI locations.

REI In-Store Signage

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