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Brand Development + Identity | Digital Illustration | Website Design | Email + Social Media Design | Print + Layout Design

Human Nature Designs is a national parks and nature-inspired gifts and keepsakes collection, and the retail arm of my design business. I started the company in 2020 with the objective of producing high-quality keepsakes that improve upon the cookie-cutter products in gift and travel shops.

​Through this business, I am able to create designs and products that help humans to celebrate their innate connection to nature.

Brand Development + Identity

I created Human Nature Designs' brand from scratch, including the company name, logo variations, design guidelines, and brand storytelling.

Visual-Identity_Human Nature Designs2.jpg

Product Design + Development | Photography

I design and develop every product in the Human Nature Designs catalog. From design to printed product to photography, Human Nature Designs is a one-woman-show. You can get a closer look at how I ideate and create all my products here.

The goal of each design is to help you revisit your most colorful and most deeply meaningful moments on Earth, and realize the importance of nature. The goal of Human Nature Designs is to create a community that honors the Human-Nature Connection and inspires you to reconnect yourself to the natural world every day.

Digital Illustration

human-nature-designsArtboard 1 copy 6_2800x-100.jpg
human-nature-designsArtboard 1 copy 14_2800x-100.jpg

I digitally illustrate all the designs in the Human Nature Designs Collection. Adobe Illustrator is where I play with shapes, layouts, and colors (often for hours) to come up with the perfect depiction of each place or idea. Illustration process videos can be found here.

Life is Best in the West - Mountain Badge.png
Mountain Magic - Mountain Lover Collection.jpg
human-nature-designsArtboard 1 copy 16_2800x-100.jpg
human-nature-designsArtboard 1 copy 15_2800x-100.jpg
human-nature-designsArtboard 1 copy 5_2800x-100.jpg
human-nature-designsArtboard 1_2800x-100.jpg
human-nature-designsArtboard 1 copy 25_2800x-100.jpg
human-nature-designsArtboard 1 copy 2_2800x-100.jpg

Website Design + Development

I built and have maintained the
Human Nature Designs website, which is powered by Shopify's e-commerce platform.

Email + Digital Design

I design emails via Shopify (previously Constant Contact and MailChimp) twice a week to send offers, new products, and shop updates to customer emails.

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 2.43.24 PM.png

Print Design + Production


I design and print all mugs and glasses, packaging inserts, brand cards, and more.

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