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Brand Development + Identity | Digital Design + Social Media | Print Collateral

ShayrdAir is an outdoor technology company that aggregates premium skills masterclasses, social events, and experiences for climbers, surfers, runners, and other outdoor enthusiasts. I worked with Tim, the founder of ShayrdAir, to transform the company's brand identity into something fun, meaningful, and nature-focused that also had a tech-edge. Then, we created print and digital media that reinforced the brand elements and became powerful marketing tools that have helped the brand grow into the successful company it is today.

Brand Development + Identity

I transformed ShayrdAir's brand from scratch, including the logo variations, color palette, typography, and design guidelines.

Artboard 1 copy 17.png
Artboard 4_2x.png

The ocean in the logo represents the strength and power of the ShayrdAir community, and the mountains and sun are a nod to internal growth and "illumination" through adventure and exploration.

The wave in the ShayrdAir logo was perfected using the Golden Ratio to ensure a balanced and natural curvature.

Marketing Collateral - Digital Design

I created a branded PowerPoint pitch deck template with 10+ slides that emanated the new ShayrdAir brand.


I also created Instagram advertisements and organic social posts for various marketing campaigns.


Marketing Collateral - Print Design

To kick off rounds of investment, we created a printed and digital version of a brand book called "Where Climbing Lives: The ShayrdAir Story".

This book highlights the ShayrdAir program and the brand's value to climbers. I designed and created a print-ready book using Adobe InDesign.

Additional print marketing materials included a climbing gym poster, business cards, a brand card, and a flyer.

Artboard 3_2x.png
Artboard 2_2x.png

Unused ShayrdAir Concept

Below is a rejected logo and brand pattern concept presented to ShayrdAir. The logo is a mountain with an "S" path - a nod to the outdoors as well as the ShayrdAir name. When the logos come together for the brand pattern, a climber's "8 knot" is revealed.

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