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Brand Strategy + Visual Identity | Digital + Print Marketing Collateral

Schaefer City Technologies is an insurtech company developing innovative software products for the legal industry. Their mission is to help insurance clients manage and Nuclear Verdict® these outcomes through their AI technology which analyzes tens-of-thousands of cases and determines key traits which led to those verdicts. Schaefer City is a Tyson & Mendes Company, and the team brought this project to Human Nature Studios after I successfully created a brand identity for their other technology company, Avalie Trial Technologies.

Brand Strategy + Visual Identity

I created Schafer City Technologies' branding from scratch - including the nuclear symbol, color palette, and typography choices. The client wanted a brand identity that would bring a breath of fresh air to the stale insurance and legal industries, while still maintaining professionalism and cohesion.


The Sunrise and Charcoal colors are indicative of the smoke and fire associated with nuclear explosion, and the sky blue color is a nod to the mitigation of these issues. I chose the color palette below as it allows the brand to maintain a clean and professional look while also giving it a bright and positive association.


Digital + Print Marketing Materials

The Schaefer City's team attends many conferences and in-person networking events. I suggested we create two powerful marketing tools for these events - a business card template and a branded booth sign. Both tools contain the brand mark, typography, and color palette, which helps further estabilish brand recognition and memorability.

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