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Brand Development + Identity | Digital Design + Social Media | Print Collateral

Timber Twig is a Seattle-based outdoor lifestyle brand with the mission of creating durable and accessible outdoor gear. Human Nature Studios created a brand identity that feels simultaneously fun and adventurous, natural and woodsy, and friendly and approachable. From that brand identity, we also created digital and print collateral that helped the brand make their initial retail launch.

Brand Development + Identity

I created Timber Twig's brand from scratch, including the logo variations, color palette, typography, and design guidelines.


This logo concept reflects Timber Twig's key company values of approachability, durability/strength, quality of products, and adventure. It is flexible enough to be used in various environments including on small tags, large signage, web and social media, and black + white and color print applications.

Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 5.22_edited.jpg
Life-is-bestArtboard 1 copy.png
Life-is-bestArtboard 1 copy 5.png
Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 5.23_edited.jpg

Color is an integral part of brand identity and can have psychological and emotional triggers on audiences. Consistent use of color palette not only reinforces brand cohesiveness, but also is a key element in shaping how audiences feel about a company.


The color palette I chose for Timber Twig is reminiscent of the colors found naturally in the great outdoors, but slightly saturated to bring life and adventure to the brand and products.

Retail Collateral - Print + Digital Design

Life-is-bestArtboard 1.png

I created an original hang tag design for Timber Twig's first product launch - a down blanket for camping. The client requested a clean but rustic design with the following information requirements: product name, sizing, brand mission, pricing, brand name and location, and website.

I created a logo mark that was usable in all retail applications - including small embroidered labels on apparel or other soft products.

Life-is-bestArtboard 1 copy 2.png
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