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Concept Brand Identity | Digital Advertisements

Lazy Pine RV Park is a concept recreational vehicle park. I thought up the idea for this company as well as created all the logo lockups, color palette, imagery, and digital advertisements. I wanted the brand to feel woodsy and playful, but maintain the retro quality of vintage camping sites.

Artboard 8 copy.png

I chose the main typeface because it was reminiscent of Pine Tree trunks themselves - bold and sturdy, but it also has a bit of a "lazy" quality to it due to the stretched letters and the emphasis of strokes at the baseline. The logo mark itself is a visual representation of the park name, and emotes what the company is all about - finding respite and sleepiness among the pines.

Artboard 8.png

The advertisements below were a fun campaign I came up with to set Lazy Pine apart from other RV Parks. When individuals are searching for a campsite, they want adventure, beautiful views, and a place to commune among nature with their loved ones. "A Whole Lot More Than A Lot" tells people exactly what they can expect. The ads are branded, simple yet communicative, and denote a clear call to action.

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