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Brand Identity | Social Media + Digital Marketing

The Highline Studio is a fitness + wellness studio that integrates metabolic testing and lifestyle-based wellness education with classic pilates and fitness training. The company is on a mission to enable people to find and sustain better health, fitness, and well-being for themselves in harmony with their community and the planet.

Brand Identity + Logo Design

I worked with Tanya and Nat, the founders of The Highline Studio, to transform the company's brand identity into something that represented both the Littleton, Colorado community specifically and wellness on the whole. I came up with a logo that honors the nature specific to Littleton (cottonwood trees and The Highline Canal Trail), while also offering a feeling of prosperity and vitality.

The Highline Studio Logo Design

The path in the logo represents both the walking path behind the studio as well as the journey toward longevity and wellness. The sun is symbolic of the new opportunity each day brings for personal development. The font and colors are joyful and give the design a feeling of health and vitality - the feelings The Highline Studio offers its clients through their fitness services.

Pilates Logo Design Denver
Outdoor Logo Design and Brand Identity in Denver

Social Media + Web Graphic

I wanted to create a web and social media graphic they could use that quickly explained what their company is offering at the core of their mission - a "path to sustainable health and well-being," as well as what the details of what they offer is (pilates, personal training, classes, etc).

The sun in the graphic is the same sun from their logo, which represents the beginning of each client's journey toward health and wellness.

Colorado Graphic Designer
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